Research and Initiatives

The Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta is committed to working closely with the University of Alberta Masonry Centre on research initiatives that directly impact and advance areas of the masonry industry. You will find all updates below as they become available.

The MCAA is committed to supporting masonry research and technology development while promoting the applications of research outcomes in current and future masonry projects in Canada.

Starting in 2007, the MCAA established the MCAA – Northern Region Chair in Masonry Systems which has the mandate to drive research and innovation at the University of Alberta. In 2017, the efforts of the Association also led to the creation of the Masonry Centre, a premier research institution that makes sizeable contributions on both the national and international stage.

The MCAA and its members are also committed to supporting and recruiting engineering students interested in the field of masonry, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. This comes in the form of the Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta Award and the Mirko Ambrozic Scholarship presented yearly to promising undergraduate and graduate students, respectively. To recruit top-level graduate students, the MCAA has also created the MCAANorth Graduate Recruitment Scholarship, valued at $10,000, awarded yearly to an undergraduate or graduate student interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Alberta.