Alberta Apprenticeship Masonry Training

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, through Alberta Learning, delivers the training program for masonry apprentices in Alberta, and has teaching facilities in both Edmonton and Calgary . All SAIT instructors hold a valid Alberta Masonry Journeyman Certificate. Direct involvement by these instructors with the Masonry Contractors Association has helped to increase awareness and support for the masonry apprenticeship program in Alberta . The result has been rapid increase in growth, and enrolment of the apprenticeship numbers attending classes.

SAIT is committed to delivering top quality training programs and works closely with local and Provincial Apprenticeship Committees that have the authority and jurisdiction to make changes to the course outlines as specified by the Alberta Learning Apprenticeship Board. This communication between SAIT, industry, and Alberta Learning shows a united effort towards the Apprenticeship program.

The Alberta Masonry Contractors support the program by signing prospective apprentices to a three year Alberta apprenticeship contract. After entering into a three year contract, the apprentice receives on the job training with their employer. When the apprentice is ready to attend school, SAIT, delivers a 8 week training program consisting of shop training, masonry theory, math and blueprint reading.

After three years of attending SAIT and passing all of the required exams, and after working in the field for a minimum of 4800 hours, the apprentice will receive a Journeyman Certificate. At the competition of their Journeyman Certificate, they will be eligible to write the Inter-Provincial exam, commonly known as the Red Seal.

For more information, please visit the Alberta Apprenticeship website or the SAIT website.

The Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta offers an apprenticeship subsidy.

If you have an apprentice that is working for a Masonry Contractors Member, please contact us for more details.

Those wishing to become a bricklayer need:

  • Three years apprenticship training
  • 1600 hours experience over three years
  • Bricklaying classes – presently one class is available in Calgary

To register, you need:

  • To find an employer in the trade who will supervise your training.
  • To fill out an apprenticeship application form (available at most masonry contractors offices, the Apprenticeship office, Masonry Contractors Association office and the Bricklayers Local) the form MUST be completed with the fee and transcript.
  • Upon acceptance, a blue book and Registration Form for the class will be sent out. The form is to be completed and sent to SAIT with the tuition fee.

Note: Registration forms will NOT be accepted until the registration fee is paid.

  • When the Registration form and fee have been processed, SAIT will send out a letter of acceptance. At that time, you are officially registered for the Apprenticeship class; date and location should be available at that time as well.

General dates for the Apprenticeship

The General dates for the Apprenticeship classes are as follows:
(all classes are 8 weeks in length)

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. For more information and forms, call the Apprenticeship and Training office in either Edmonton or Calgary .

  • 1st year – mid October to beginning of December
  • 3rd year – beginning of January to end of February
  • 2nd year – beginning of March to end of April

Scholarship opportunities are also available through the Government of Alberta.

For more information regarding the program and bricklaying, please contact:

  • Most Masonry Contracting companies
  • SAIT Admissions Office (403)284-3867

(Please note that the staff are not overly familiar with the Edmonton classes, but are willing to help you with any questions or will direct you to someone who can help you)

  • Apprenticeship and Industry Training offices :
    Calgary – (403) 297-6457
  • The Bricklayers Local