The Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta was first incorporated in January 1965  as a venue for contractors in the masonry industry to have a forum in which they could socialize, gain the latest in technological information regarding their industry, and most importantly – a forum in order to have some input into the direction of the masonry industry.

Currently, there are two regions of the Masonry Contractors Association within Alberta, The Northern Region located out of Edmonton and The Southern Region located out of Calgary.

Each of the Associations is comprised of members from the contractor, supplier and manufacturing areas of the masonry field. Each sector provides valuable input and works together to further our industry.

The Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta has a very active membership of contractors and suppliers, each providing valuable input and working together to further the industry.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide the best methods for the handling of, and execution of, building contacts to the end that our industry be surrounded with proper safeguards for the protection of life, and property.
  • To promote and encourage efficiency in the art of masonry construction and to generally encourage and promote the use of masonry and related products to be installed by masons.
  • To cooperate with organizations and associations in allied lines; and with individuals, firms and corporations in different lines of business, for the general good of our industry.
  • To promote harmonious relationships between the members of the Association and all other institutions, organizations, associations, companies or persons concerned directly or indirectly with the promotions, designs or mechanics of construction.
  • To make representations with respect to Federal, Provincial and Municipal Legislation for the improvement of the masonry trade and safety laws.

MCAA Regions


Northern Region chapter is based in Edmonton. Their jurisdiction covers area from Red Deer north to the Alberta border. The chapter is comprised of members from both the residential and commercial contractor communities, suppliers and manufacturing groups within the masonry industry.

The MCAA – Northern Region has regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. All members and guests are welcome to attend.

For information on how to become a member, please email Karen Schneider, or call (780) 901-2902.


Southern Region has regular monthly meetings which are held every third Tuesday of the month. All members and guests are welcome to attend the meetings. The southern region has a board of directs that are very diligent in their duties in representing the membership.

The MCAA – Southern Region has a membership of masonry contractors consisting of both union and non-union, suppliers and manufacturers.

For information on how to become a member, e-mail Sheri Langen, mcaasouth@mca-canada.comor call (587) 585-0919